sábado, 29 de octubre de 2016

Steps to create a blog.

Hello, my name is Guadalupe, I'm studying a training cycle of Emergency Health Care in IES Juan Bosco.

I'm going to explain you how to create a blog that I can include in my curriculum vitae.
First of all, you need know that you can do this from any device, like a mobile phone, a tablet or a computer... You need turn on the device and get into a webside. When you're inside this you can search all you can imagine, but we will search the word 'Blogger'. When you press intro will search alone the information you need.
The next thing that you should do is search the IP adress you're interested in (as https://www.blogger.com), because a list of them will appear. If you press the Blogger IP adress, will appear a screen where you can read: Create an unique an beautifull blog..., press it and the website will ask your Email adress and a password. Afterwards you need think the name you want to put, and the IP adress following by 'blogspot.com' and a template you like (you will can change this when you want to).
To begin with this new part of Internet world and after you've created your blog, you can post many things you're interested in.
In this page you can see your blog's information (overview, posts, visits and the site your visitors are reading you or comments). Then you press into Create a new post, and write, like I did with this homework.
Finally you publish it, and your post will appear in a web adress (you can edit, share and send it).